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Data Science

What Finance Companies are Excelling in AI?

Many finance companies are getting some massive help from AI handling things like security, loss prevention, and predictive decision making—think underwriting for mortgages or credit decisions.While AI is making the rounds for many companies and organizations, a few are taking that capability to a...

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What does a data science team look like?

Until a couple of years ago, people barely knew the term ‘ data science’ which has now evolved into an extremely popular career field. The Harvard Business Review dubbed data scientist within the data science team as the sexiest job of the 21st century and expert professionals jumped on the...

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What Is A Data Scientist? — MSU Data Science

Salary ExpectationsData Scientists are highly skilled professionals, and they're paid like it.AngelList: Mean salary is $93,000 globally.  JobSignal: Mean salary is $93,246 Median salary for data scientists is $118,109 Median salary is $115,500 nationally. Mean salary is $113,436 nationally.O'Reilly: Estimated salary is $93,505.At first glance, Data Scientist...

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Can you predict what your car is worth?

When you purchase a brand new car, the manufacturer's suggested retail price, the MSRP, is predetermined. But when you sell your car, and ownership of the vehicle changes hands, how do you determine what the car is worth? You most likely go to Kelley Blue Book or CarFax to get...

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Data Architecture and Data Science: What is the Intersection?

Data Science, in practice, should ultimately combine the best practices of information technology, analytics, and business. On the other hand, Data Architecture enables data scientists to analyze and share data throughout the enterprise for strategic decision-making. Thus, without a sound Data Architecture in place, data scientists will remain severely handicapped...

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Data Science Dream Jobs – What Do Data Science Hopefuls Aspire To?

What’s Your Data Science Dream Job? Data science jobs abound. So we’ve seen a dramatic rise in undergraduate and graduate student enrollments in data science and related degree programs.  QuantHub experienced firsthand this growing enthusiasm of students seeking to become a data scientist during our recent Back to Campus Data...

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What Is K-means Clustering? | 365 Data Science

When trying to analyze data, one approach might be to look for meaningful groups or clusters. Clustering is dividing data into groups based on similarity. And K-means is one of the most commonly used methods in clustering. Why? The main reason is its simplicity.In this tutorial, we’ll start with the...

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